April 18, 2014

Graphene: The New Gold Rush?


Much has been made of graphene since its discovery in 2004. Researchers have been investigating its properties; multinationals have been employing teams of scientists to develop new products; and the market have slowly but surely been awakening to the news of its potential. Graphene is now touted as the new gold, and the gold rush… [Read More]

Importance of Investing in Gold

gold bars

When you invest in something, it is because you expect to eventually get more out of it than you put into it. There are plenty of things to invest in, but not all of them have the return that gold does. For instance, you might invest in a new company, but if they are not… [Read More]

The Gold Bull Market is NOT over!

The gold bull market is NOT over

After the sharp gold price correction of April 15-16, 2013, many gold bears and market commentators were lamenting the end of the gold bull.  Out of nowhere it seems, headlines filled with talk about the slowing pace of quantitative easing and recovering U.S. economy.  The multitudes of commentators that came out of the shadows and… [Read More]

5 Stocks with Free Cash Flow

Free cash flow

Sometimes the best offense is a defense.  I’ve found some of my biggest winners by investing in the “safe” stocks during a downturn and watching them soar when the good times come.  It makes sense, because solid businesses are the ones nobody worries about during a downturn.  And they in turn have a voraciously loyal… [Read More]

Gold ETF investments: Secure your portfolio and get rid of your debts

gold etf

When the market goes through a rough patch, investors try to avoid a bumpy ride by taking refuge under the safe havens. In other words, they try to rebalance their portfolio by diversifying their investments into more stable financial tools. For that reason, gold has always been a safer bet for both the investors and… [Read More]

The Truth about Quantitative Easing

quantitative easing

It’s funny how bubbles form in stages.  We take small steps in a certain direction and soon find ourselves in a place that previously seemed preposterous. Take Quantitative Easing (QE), the U.S. Federal Reserve’s fancy term from printing money.  When QE was announced about five years ago, it was a big deal.  All the major… [Read More]

Gold Stocks Regaining their Lustre

gold mine

Lately the list of out of work gold mining CEO’s has been growing, and it’s not hard to tell why.  Between 2008 and 2013, the price of our favorite shiny yellow metal rose 82%, yet over the same period the TSX global gold index fell about 15%.  At annual general meetings of major gold mining… [Read More]

5 Stocks that will Soar in a Recovery

junior gold

Nobody likes a downturn, especially the one in late 2012 and early 2013, which is arguably only rivaled by 2008.  In fact, the year 2012 saw the lowest levels of financing for the junior mining sector since 2001. I’ve been investing in junior gold for 13 years, and one thing I can say for sure:  … [Read More]

5 Gold Royalty Companies that Reduce the Risk

Gold Royalty Companies

Investing in gold royalty companies is a tremendously attractive way to gain exposure to the junior gold sector. Royalty companies generally receive a Net Smelter Return (NSR) as a percent of revenue generated by gold sales. Thus, they still take part in operational risk but it is reduced because they don’t incur the costs of… [Read More]

Introducing the Junior Gold Academy

Junior Gold Academy

Today we are introducing the Junior Gold Academy. The ‘Academy’ is the only place (we know of) on the internet that teaches you how to invest in junior gold.  Right now, you invest based on a recommendation from somebody, or a news story, or a newsletter writer.  You just gotta wing it.  Where did they… [Read More]