April 24, 2014


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Gold Investment Strategies

Investment Strategies

There are many ways to invest in junior gold.  Although I wish I could say a certain method is the most successful one, this is unfortunately not the reality.  Each person must choose a system that works for them, and in a sector this risky, finding a system that works for you can result in… [Read More]

Junior Gold valuation

Company Valuation Methods

Every retail investor has to ask themselves at some point, how do I value the company I’m invested in (or considering investing in).  In the junior gold sector, valuation comes in various flavors, depending on the type of company it is.  In this article, I will present valuation methods for the various types of companies… [Read More]

The Gold Market

The Gold Market

The gold market is one of the world’s biggest and most active markets.  Almost every government is a player, and most large investors have an exposure to gold on some level.  In this article, I will describe the gold market from four perspectives: Supply Demand Above ground stockpiles Gold as currency Supply According to the… [Read More]

Share Structure

Share Structure

When investing in Junior Gold, share structure is a very important consideration.  Exploration companies don’t have any revenue.  They issue shares from the treasury once in a while to pay for exploration.  If they don’t find anything, well, their share price goes to zero.  Sound appealing?  Rest assured where there’s risk, there’s reward, and I… [Read More]

Gold Mine Feasibility


Every mineral deposit’s value comes down to one underlying factor:  Feasibility.  If the deposit cannot be mined profitably, it is worthless.  In reality though, every deposit has some small value based on future potential, either: additional resources not known to be present, or economic conditions changing so the current resources become economic. From the day… [Read More]

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